Is cybersex cheating?

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Is cybersex cheating?

Is cybersex cheating?

Is cybersex cheating? It's a question that has been plaguing philosophers for centuries. Cybersex has been around forever in the form of letters. Later phones and television entered the picture. Even peepshows are a very low-tech form of cybersex. The real question is whether or not having an intimate relationship with someone outside the agreed-upon structure of a relationship is cheating. For that reason, there really is no definitive answer to whether or not cybersex or adult chats constitutes cheating. Everyone defines it differently, and everyone reacts to it differently. Discuss specifically what's ok and what's not ok with your partner before you dive in. The one thing many people *can* agree on regarding cybersex and cheating, is that what's starts as a friendly encounter online can very definitely hurt another relationship if it's driven by sneakiness.



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