Photography Chat Rooms

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Is it okay to share with a chat room a photograph I sold?

Photography Chat Rooms

When most people think of chat rooms, they think of text. These days, you can often share your photos as well. Photography enthusiasts may enjoy chat rooms designated to photographs and they can also get tips on how to take better pictures.

Thinking about starting a photography business? Get involved with a photography chat room. Many professional photographers may share tips on how to get started. What sort of camera should you use for a particular shot? Many of the veteran photographers may know. If you are a veteran, you can learn about swings in the photography market. Whatever your question, you may find the answer in photography chat rooms.

There may be different chat rooms depending on what type of photographs you take. If you are not sure, feel free to ask. Many fellow photographers are very helpful when you have questions.



6/28/2007 11:08:24 AM
marty said:

When doing people portraits, should you have the subject smile or no smile or let them choose?

6/29/2007 8:50:10 PM
Beach Bum said:

What is the best name brand slr camera?

7/6/2007 11:12:27 PM
crystal said:

i want to be a photographer

7/12/2007 2:01:30 PM
Sue Hammond said:

well, where is the free chat????

1/21/2012 11:51:16 PM
Rebecca said:

Looking for some help choosing a camera for action shot photography within my! There are too many to choose from!

2/17/2012 9:50:07 PM
Teresa said:

I'm new here and not sure how all this works, but am a professional photographer (certified). Willing to share the nuggets of knowledge I have.


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