Food Chat Rooms

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If I don't know how to cook, will asking people in a food chat room simple questions annoy them?

Food Chat Rooms

Enjoy food? Most people do. Maybe you like to cook or perhaps you would like a review of a new restaurant opened in your city. No matter what your reason, there is probably a chat room dedicated to what you want to know.

It's also fun to get to know other people who have the same passions about crème brulèe or the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Share recipes, reviews, opinions, ideas and more. Ask people what they really think of Grandma's apple pie. Many food chat rooms are open discussion and you can find anybody chatting, from chefs to amateur cooks and people who just love food.

How can you find a chat room about food? Most of the major food Websites often have chat rooms or you can find a major chat website that hosts chats on different topics. Be sure to shop around to find the right chat room for you.



9/13/2007 11:59:41 AM
jocheved said:

I'm looking for something fun to cook, with all the complications that come with low calorie dishes. I have lettuce, eggs, potatoes, pasta, tuna, capers, green onions, regular onions, and rice. Any suggestons?

9/29/2009 6:40:08 PM
Betty said:

Does anyone cover entire apple pie with aluminum foil before baking? (Covered loosely.)


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