Political Chat Rooms

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If I feel strongly about a topic, is it safe to express my views in a chat room?

Political Chat Rooms

Have an opinion about a particular human interest story? Do you think a local politician should be criticized about his or her opinion based on a particular human interest story? You may be able to voice your opinion in a human interest chat room dedicated to the topic.

You may also find political chat rooms that open up the discussion to human interest stories and their effect. Don't be afraid to offer your opinion. People can disagree on a topic and still get along. If you have an idea, say something.

Be sure to follow all rules for a chat room and read the chat topics. If the chat room is for Republicans and you are a Democrat, it would not be very nice to barge in and discuss your issues and what you think may be wrong with Republicans. Be respectful, flaming, or arguing may result in being kicked out of a chat room or even banned.



4/29/2007 10:26:04 AM
jody taylor said:

we the american people are tired of the bushit lies. the iraq war was an still is a lie.we need a strong democrat that can get us the hell back online. we should reelect al gore or elect hillary or john edwards.we wouldnt be in this bushit war if it hadnt been for a retard like george w boosh.

12/31/2008 9:34:47 PM
Di said:

How the heck do you get to the aol political chat...I can find nothing that resembles AOL chat rooms...I have aol service thru att but also have aol service in another location but unable to use the aol chat rooms on this computer..very frustrating

11/7/2011 2:29:56 PM
peter said:

why do we have a elected goverment. i thought the idear was that it was elected to serve the people of the uk. if so why wont mr moron give the people of england a referemdom on europe


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