Webcam / video chat rooms

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What are video chat rooms or webcam chat? How to video chat and still stay safe?

Webcam / video chat rooms

Be careful, be careful, be careful. Web cam, or video chat can be loads of fun. It's also pretty much the riskiest chat behavior in which you can engage. Along with the usual common sense precautions, like not giving out any personal information of any kind, you have another set of worries. The person or people at the other end of that connection can see you. And every frame of you that gets sent out can be captured by your chat partner. If you have *any* concerns about your photo appearing in any form somewhere on the net, DO NOT jump into video chat with someone you don't know and trust with your reputation. Yes, webcams are a blast, but let's face it - the technology is a magnet for stalkers and pervs. Go play. Just be careful.



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