Online families and groups

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What are online families and groups, what are their rules and how to become a part of one?

Online families and groups

Many chatters like to create and be a part of online families or groups. There are lots of family groups online, complete with parents, kids, siblings, marriage, divorce and all the drama of a typical family. Other chatters take part in groups that refer to themselves as wolf dens or packs, including vampire chats or other fictional constructs. Each group has its own set of rules, and many have extensive, complicated hierarchies. Some chatters spend an enormous amount of time online, and their online families occupy a significant place in their lives. Many family members "wear tag" in the form of certain information in their profiles, or family-specific avatars and gestures. Folks take these families very seriously, and some of the most explosive drama in chat happens as a result of comings and goings in families.



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