Auditorium / large events

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What is the difference between regular chat and auditorium chat events?

Auditorium / large events

What are chat events? Auditorium events are large chat rooms that usually operate very differently than regular chat rooms. While regular chat rooms hold an average of 25 people, auditorium capacity is determined by the scalability of the chat software and hardware and the amount of available bandwidth. Robust chat auditoriums can manage 10s and even 100s of thousands of chatters simultaneously. Obviously that many people simply can't talk all at once. Instead, people at the chat event sit in rows that function like chat rooms. Each row can talk amongst themselves and also see the text from the auditorium stage. Somewhere in the chat software is a link or a button that will let you send a question to the stage. There are folks on stage receiving these questions – they decide which ones get sent out for the guests to answer and for the audience to see.



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