Sharing pictures

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Is it a good idea to share your pictures online?

Sharing pictures

Sharing pictures online to keep in touch with friends and family. You can post them on your website, email them, and even share picture files and transfer them in most chat software. It is important to be aware that any picture you post online can be copied or manipulated. If you regularly post personal pictures online be sure to password protect the webpage where the pictures reside. Give the password only to people that you want to have access to your images. Many online chat sites are focused on dating, relationships, and other types of personal encounters. Make sure that you are chatting with a company that keeps your private information (name, phone number, address) secure. Making friends and other personal connections with people online and around the world is one of the greatest features of the Internet. Make sure as you make these connections that you apply the same commons sense and technical savvy you would to any first time meeting.



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