Common sense

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How to use common sense to avoid unsavory characters online?

Common sense

If someone is harassing or following you as you chat online, it is vital that you do not engage them. Most chat software offers a tool that enables you to ignore other chatters. The goal of most harassers is to make you angry or upset. Engaging them in anyway is exactly what they want. Use your common sense.You can better protect your online identity and account information by keeping your passwords private and regularly changing them. If you feel the level of harassment you are experiencing is ruining your ability to chat online it is important that you report the offending chatter to your chat company. Most chat companies have an address for you to use. For more extreme cases of abuse go to the cyberangels website to review your options. Finally, if you ever feel that you are in any immediate danger contact your local police department. Many police departments in larger cities across the Western world now have cybercrime units.



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