Role playing games

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What are role playing games and how you can play them online?

Role playing games

Adult chat tips:
Role-playing games are extremely popular online. BDSM chats(Bondage/Domination/Sadism/Masochism), D/s (Dominant/submissive) groups abound, with members not only playing the roles, but often using specific chat technology to extend the experience. For example, in chat rooms with avatars, chatters in a dominant role usually wear large, or mega avatars, sit at the top of the chat room, and sign in with names in upper case. Submissives in the same chat room would wear smaller avatars, sit at the bottom of the room, and sign in with names in lower case. Other popular role-playing games include SCA (Society for Creative Achronisms) type role playing, vampire families, and wolf families. Gor chats and gorean roleplay is also very popular. This world of Gor is based on a series of science fiction books by John Norman, and the roles involved include masters and slaves. The rules of behavior in these groups vary from group to group and chat room to chat room, but in general tend to be very strict.



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