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My wife's IM Handle was given to someone else -- how come?

Instant Messaging Handle Sharing

Depending on the messenger service, there could be different reasons why someone else could have the same handle.

If you do not log into your messenger service for a long time, sometimes six months or a year, you could lose that IM name.

On some Instant Message services, you may

If you find you can not log in with a regularly used username, contact customer support. This could be the result of a hacker. Remember to never share your password with anyone.

I'm new to chating, how do I find a chat room for me?

Finding the Right Chat Room

When looking for a chat room, you'll want to consider what topics interest you.

There are chat rooms for writers, for people looking for love and even religious chatrooms. Pick a topic and then enter it in your search query when looking for a chat room.

For example, if you wanted a video game chat room, you simply enter "video game chat" in your favorite search engine.

Not sure what you want? Try a chat directory like http://www.google.com/Top/Computers/Internet/Chat?tc=1/

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