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Looking for a censored chat?

Monitored chat

If you're looking for family-oriented chat, or chat that is more likely to be rated PG than rated R or X, you should look for a monitored chat. It's impossible for any chat service to watch all the chat in every chat room all the time. But chat services that have chat guides or chat hosts who help monitor chat are likely to have guidelines that support your desire to participate in friendly, clean chat. Monitored chat can't guarantee you won't bump up against some conversation that offends you, but at the folks being offensive know they're breaking the rules. They will likely try to keep a low profile, and guides or hosts should be able to take care of such a situation. Another advantage of monitored chat is that these chat services tend to have strict guidelines about malicious programming (often referred to as "bots"). Bots can be extremely troublesome – they can boot chatters, lag the room, disrupt games, and do all sorts of nasty things to disrupt your chat experience. Monitored chats, especially subscription-based chat services, are not very appealing targets for chatters who use bots, since they are likely to lose their accounts if they engage in this kind of behavior.

Need to brush up on your online etiquette?


Tips on chat room rules & chat etiquette or netiquette: People have been chatting online for over a decade. And new people come online every day. Many chat veterans have their own vernacular. Just like in real life, the chat world has its own set of social norms. Many of these rules, often referred to as "netiquette," are universal. Others are specific to the chat software or service. There are some general rules of thumb, though.
* When you enter a room, don't just jump in and blurt "hey, what's going on?" Take a moment to see what folks are discussing and then join in.
* Make sure your caps lock key isn't engaged. When you type in all capital letters, you appear to be shouting. It's a guaranteed way to irritate chat regulars.
* If you're trying out new fonts, colors, emoticons, gestures, or anything else that might be completely irrelevant to the conversation in the chat room, go to a different room, or a private room, to test things out. Sitting in a chat room interrupting the flow of chat is never well-received.

What is long and boring and never read by anyone? Terms of service

Terms of service

Every chat room service, and in fact just about every web site, has its own terms of service. For the most part, terms of service reflect common sense guidelines. It's a safe bet that if something is illegal in the real world, it's against the terms of service. It's important to thoroughly read a chat services terms of service, however, because most have some guidelines that are based on their particular service and/or their particular software. Some chat services allow adult-oriented chat subjects, and others strive to maintain a community that is suited to all ages. Usually you will be required to agree to the terms of service before becoming a member of a chat community. If you behave in a manner inconsistent with the terms of service, your membership privileges may be revoked.

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