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What are video chat rooms or webcam chat? How to video chat and still stay safe?

Webcam / video chat rooms

Be careful, be careful, be careful. Web cam, or video chat can be loads of fun. It's also pretty much the riskiest chat behavior in which you can engage. Along with the usual common sense precautions, like not giving out any personal information of any kind, you have another set of worries. The person or people at the other end of that connection can see you. And every frame of you that gets sent out can be captured by your chat partner. If you have *any* concerns about your photo appearing in any form somewhere on the net, DO NOT jump into video chat with someone you don't know and trust with your reputation. Yes, webcams are a blast, but let's face it - the technology is a magnet for stalkers and pervs. Go play. Just be careful.

How to find new like minded friends in Gay & Lesbian chat rooms?

Gay & Lesbian chat rooms

The internet has been a great resource for many different communities. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and transgendered people frequently look to the internet to build a support network. If you live in a geographically isolated area, gay and lesbian chat rooms can help you connect with others and find resources that may not be available in your area. Perhaps you don't have the support you'd like from your friends, family, or coworkers. A GLBT chat room can be a great safe haven - a place to find some friends and just be yourself. Be sure to check the chat site's community standards. If they explicitly disallow harassment based on sexual orientation, you're more likely to find a welcoming, non-judging community.

How to find romance and love in a chat room near you?

Romance chat rooms

In many circles meeting that "special someone" online has become a very socially acceptable way to begin a relationship. From dating sites focused on introducing people "face to face" to sites dedicated to romance chat rooms the variety of sites dedicated to romance is endless. Finding the right place to chat is infinitely easier and less painful than finding the right person. ;) Put your best foot forward without taking a step. And just like in real life it is critical to protect your heart and mind from those not worthy of you. Online privacy and safety are fundamental to a positive chat experience. The only way to be completely safe online is to never share your personal information with another chatter. Anything from your last name, social security number, or even the view out of your window can be used to locate you. Don't be fooled by friendly strangers, if your gut tells you something is wrong it probably is. If you do decide to share your personal information with an online contact or friend be sure to let someone you trust know that you've made contact with a person online. …And above all remember, "Love is the answer."

How to find singles chat rooms and how are they different from romance chat rooms?

Singles chat rooms

You might think Singles chat rooms is the same as romance chat rooms, but it's not. There is overlap, for sure, but singles chat rooms tend to be oriented more toward casual hookups, and many are mostly devoted to cybersex. When you visit these rooms, keep in mind that famous "New Yorker" cartoon - "On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog". Just like no one on the internet really knows who you are, you can't know who others are either. People's true identity may have very little to do with their online persona. It's extremely common for chatters to lie about their age, gender, race, and/or sexual identity. Actually, anything another chatter tells you can be fabricated. This isn't necessarily bad or dangerous in any way. Playing with different identities can be lots of fun, as long as you're not being malicious or really misleading anyone. And of course, regardless of whether or not you're using your real life persona, be careful never to give anyone real information about yourself while chatting in singles chat rooms.

How to find and use family friendly chat rooms?

Family chat rooms

Unless you are part of a private, closed system and know every single person who might chat on that system, there is no such thing as a "family," i.e., 100% safe, chat room. Most chat rooms, even those oriented toward children, will be PG-rated at best, and many are far more adult-oriented than you'd expect. This is not a reason to avoid family oriented chat rooms. If you're a parent, check out several chat services to get a feel for them so you can make smart decisions for yourself and for your family. Some chat services offer word filtering, but a little creative wordsmithing makes these filters fairly seless. Look for chat services that offer some sort of monitoring and tools for parental controls. If your kids are chatting, be very clear with them regarding the dangers of sharing personal information online. Family chat rooms can be very rewarding for everyone - a little common sense on your part will keep them that way.

How to find other spiritual people like yourself in Christian chat rooms?

Christian chat rooms

Christian chat rooms are just one of the many different types of chat rooms. Communities of faith are increasingly turning to Internet chat for fellowship and good conversation. Modern Christians are busy people! Christian chat rooms offer around the clock access to supportive, spiritual folks with the same crazy schedule as you. Another fantastic feature of online chat is that you can connect with Christians around the world. Explore and discuss your faith, family, culture, and spiritual practices without leaving your home or parish. Internet savvy Christians also have the opportunity to offer comfort, educate, and guide other chatters they meet along the journey. But do not be fooled by wolves in sheep's clothing. Check out several sites before settling on one. Review the content, billing, and community standard policies of all sites you visit. Most reputable chat site will offer potential customers a free trial period with no strings attached. Internet chat does not have to pose a threat to your morals and values. Take the time to find the chat site that's right for you. Once you've found the right match, the time you spend online can become a relaxing, prayerful, and educational respite from your daily trials and concerns.

How can business chat rooms help you communicate with co-workers and clients in real time and get more things done?

Business chat rooms

There are many different types of chat rooms, including business chat rooms.If you can't wait to talk to your co-workers and friends about the latest stock tip or episode of "The Apprentice", a chat room that focuses on business may be right for you. Internet chatters are able to send and receive messages with other users as fast as they can type and press the "Enter" button. As we all know the speedy exchange of information as well as the quality of contacts and relationships you have are key factors in the success of your business. Rooms where people trade stock tips are extremely popular. It's important before accepting a tip or bit of information you've learned in a chat room that you consider carefully the source of information. Stock tips and other business related information is only as good as the chatter providing it. Never buy anything from someone you've met in a chat room without doing your due diligence. Check sites carefully and make sure to confirm all contact information. And finally, buy low…sell high!

What are online families and groups, what are their rules and how to become a part of one?

Online families and groups

Many chatters like to create and be a part of online families or groups. There are lots of family groups online, complete with parents, kids, siblings, marriage, divorce and all the drama of a typical family. Other chatters take part in groups that refer to themselves as wolf dens or packs, including vampire chats or other fictional constructs. Each group has its own set of rules, and many have extensive, complicated hierarchies. Some chatters spend an enormous amount of time online, and their online families occupy a significant place in their lives. Many family members "wear tag" in the form of certain information in their profiles, or family-specific avatars and gestures. Folks take these families very seriously, and some of the most explosive drama in chat happens as a result of comings and goings in families.

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