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Will an author visit a reader chat room?

Book Readers Chat Rooms

Are you an avid reader? If you love Gone with the Wind or the latest Harry Potter book, talk about it with other readers. Book chat rooms are often organized by genre. If you love romance or chick lit, there is a chat room that is out there for you.

Even local book clubs are finding new members by chatting in book chat rooms. Want to learn more about a new author or what may be coming out next? Many people in book chat rooms are asking the same questions and many of them may know about what you may be wondering. Don't be afraid to ask questions. Many other people may be wondering the same thing.

If I have a question about Scientology, where can I go to find more information?

Scientology Chat Rooms

Scientology is not only sweeping through Hollywood, but it's becoming an online craze. Not sure about Scientology? You can find a chat room all about Scientology online. Scientology chat rooms are more common than people think. People who have similar interests may be able to answer your questions.

If you are knowledgeable about Scientology, you may find friendly open discussions about it in a Scientology chat room. Don't be afraid to lurk, or read without saying anything, for a little while. It's okay to be curious and get to know the chat room before you decide if it is the right place for you.

Are religious chat rooms safe?

Religious Chat Rooms

No matter what your religion, you can find a variety of chat rooms available online for religion and spirituality chats. You can even find chat rooms that discuss the differences in religions, either heatedly or with a controlled, polite environment.

It may be difficult to find the religious chat room that is right for you; it really depends on the regulars that visit on a daily basis. Try checking out the chat room for a few days before you actually say anything, as this may help you make a decision on whether or not you want to chat with the people there. It may take several tries before you find the right chat room for you. Don't be afraid to shop around for one you like.

If I don't know how to cook, will asking people in a food chat room simple questions annoy them?

Food Chat Rooms

Enjoy food? Most people do. Maybe you like to cook or perhaps you would like a review of a new restaurant opened in your city. No matter what your reason, there is probably a chat room dedicated to what you want to know.

It's also fun to get to know other people who have the same passions about crème brulèe or the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Share recipes, reviews, opinions, ideas and more. Ask people what they really think of Grandma's apple pie. Many food chat rooms are open discussion and you can find anybody chatting, from chefs to amateur cooks and people who just love food.

How can you find a chat room about food? Most of the major food Websites often have chat rooms or you can find a major chat website that hosts chats on different topics. Be sure to shop around to find the right chat room for you.

I like to play RPG games, can I find a chat room that actually plays the game?

Game Chat Rooms

Talking about games in chat rooms is very popular. Could you imagine actually playing a game in a chat room? Many game players have created systems, sometimes role-playing games or even card games by playing online. Some chat companies actually have online games you can play while you are chatting, like chess or pool.

Whether you like to talk about games, or if you want to find buddies to play against, or even play with while you are chatting, you can find them in places all over the Internet. You can also get cheat codes and tips from other players on how to win a certain game.

If I want to learn about how to create quilts, what craft chat rooms should I look for?

Craft Chat Rooms

If you enjoy creating quilts, making gift baskets or painting pottery, you'll enjoy some of the many craft chat rooms online. Crafters can share images of their creations and they often share ideas and tips with others about how they did things.

You can also find online classes that use chat rooms to share how to create a craft. If you've been meaning to learn how to create mosaics, there is probably an online chat room just for you. Looking to market your crafts? You can ask about ideas and tips with other crafters who sell their wares, online or in craft shows.

Is it safe to share pet pictures in online chat rooms?

Pet Chat Rooms

Does your cat know how to flip backwards? How do you train a small puppy? Get advice and tips from a pet chat room. Pet enthusiasts love to express their feelings toward their pets. Many of them have knowledge and experience about different concerns you may have about raising or training your pet.

Whether you have cats, dogs, birds or an exotic pet, there is a pet chat room out there that may be right for you. If you have a funny story or a picture of your pet, you may be able to share them too. You can find new friends who share similar interests and your passion for animals.

Where can I create a chat room just for my community?

Community Chat Rooms

Do you have a specific online community or Website for your town? Maybe you have discussed with your community about finding a chat room. Community chat rooms can be about any specific interest you can think of, like how to bring in more tourists or local special events.

Many communities need a better way to discuss ideas. Community chat rooms and interest area chat rooms are available for that. You can often ask a host of chat rooms to create a specific chat room for your group. Many chat room websites will comply, especially for large groups.

Example of a letter to a chat room host:

The Folly Beach Community of South Carolina would like to ask for a designated chat room specifically for locals. With a population of 300 locals on our small island, we would like to hold monthly meetings about local issues.

If, for example, you lived in Folly Beach, SC, you can create a chat room especially for your community to discuss ideas. It would be helpful for anyone not able to attend monthly community meetings. With the Internet so widely available, everyone in your community can catch up on the latest local news and share ideas.

I want to know where I can find out about what to see in Disney in two days. Where can I find the right chat room to ask about that?

Amusement Park Chat Rooms

There are now so many amusement parks across America; many of them remain unknown to the majority of the public. Find some real treasures by asking people in amusement park chat rooms.

Don't think there are any chat rooms about amusement parks? Not only are there many of them, there are some dedicated to some of the major amusement parks, like Disney or Six Flags. You'll find chat rooms filled with amusement park enthusiasts or maybe even those employed by the parks. Want to know how to get through a large amusement park in one day? You can ask in the chat rooms and get great advice!

Where can I find a chat room that discusses old classic black and white films?

Movie Chat Rooms

Love Clark Gable or Carole Lombard? Enjoy getting news on up and coming movies? If you like the classics or the new action packed flicks, you may enjoy chatting about them. Online movie chat rooms attract thousands of fans every day to discuss their favorites, debate about what's not so great and more.

Why chat about movies? Movie buffs may share similar interests, and they could possibly recommend films you may not have known about. These chat rooms are great resources when you want to find out more about a particular actor or what to watch next Saturday night. For budding Hollywood A-listers, it gives you a chance to see what people are talking about, and what movie-watchers want!

How do you find a sexuality chat room to discuss issues and not an adult sex chat room?

Sexuality Chat Rooms

There are many chat rooms that talk about sexuality. Depending on what you are looking for, you may find more adult chat than just the discussion of sex.

Because there are a variety of chat rooms, it may be difficult to know if you have found the sort of chat room you are looking for. Before you begin chatting, you may want to ‘lurk' or observe the sexuality chat rooms. You may find out if you are comfortable with it before you begin to chat. Don't be afraid to say anything though if you do have questions. Many people, even in sexuality chat rooms, are open about answering questions.

Is there a free music chat room online?

Music Chat Rooms

Do you love American Idol? Perhaps you want to know all the latest gossip about Green Day? You could possibly find a music chat room about anything having to do with music.

Why? A music chat room could give insight about what's going on with your favorite band, what bands are winning music contests and introduce you to new music in a familiar genre. Get reviews from real listeners about what they love.

People who love music will often share tips on how to get autographs or meet the band as well. Finding a chat room about music can be simple, simply enter your favorite genre or band along with ‘chat room'. You can also find chat rooms on a specific band's official home page.

What if you are psychic and want to talk with other psychics?

Online Psychic Chat Rooms

Curious about what your future may hold? Online psychic chat rooms are very popular. Many are free and there are a few better quality pay online psychic chat rooms.

Feel like you may have the ability to see the future? A psychic chat room can connect you with others like yourself. You can get questions answered or find comfort in hearing stories from other people.

Are there chat rooms for business owners?

Business Chat Rooms

Are you starting a new business? If you have questions about marketing or business plans, there may be a chat room out there that is right for you. Business chat rooms often offer a mix of professionals that can assist you with your needs. Whether you are starting a home based business or are an executive in a multimillion-dollar corporation, you will find an online business chat room that suits your needs.

Many business chat rooms are also not just about business. You may wonder how to balance your work and family life. Check the rules for the business chat room before you start a topic. Many business chat rooms also offer topic discussions on specific days. Be aware of any special events that may be going on.

Is it okay to reveal where I may shop with someone I chat with?

Shopping Chat Rooms

Anyone who loves to shop will want to know about the latest fashions, great sales and more. Shopping chat rooms are for anyone who loves to shop. Or maybe you hate to shop and you want to find out how to cut shopping out of your life as much as possible. Whatever sort of group you are looking for, there is a shopping chat room that is right for you.

How can you benefit by visiting a shopping chat room? Many of the chat rooms have chatters who have similar interests. You may find a shopping buddy. Have a habit of spending too much? Find a shopper who knows how to budget. You will also have greater access to information by reaching out to other likeminded people.

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