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Tips on chat room rules & chat etiquette or netiquette: People have been chatting online for over a decade. And new people come online every day. Many chat veterans have their own vernacular. Just like in real life, the chat world has its own set of social norms. Many of these rules, often referred to as "netiquette," are universal. Others are specific to the chat software or service. There are some general rules of thumb, though.
* When you enter a room, don't just jump in and blurt "hey, what's going on?" Take a moment to see what folks are discussing and then join in.
* Make sure your caps lock key isn't engaged. When you type in all capital letters, you appear to be shouting. It's a guaranteed way to irritate chat regulars.
* If you're trying out new fonts, colors, emoticons, gestures, or anything else that might be completely irrelevant to the conversation in the chat room, go to a different room, or a private room, to test things out. Sitting in a chat room interrupting the flow of chat is never well-received.



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My teacher is making me look at this... against my will :/


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