Writers Chat Rooms

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Is it safe to share my writing with people in a chat room? Should I worry about someone stealing it?

Writers Chat Rooms

Writing is a lonely profession, because it is one of the few professions you almost have to do solo. One way to get over the loneliness of the profession is to find a chat room that is designed for professional writers. Many of these chat rooms are often full of new and experience writers alike. You can talk about the writing business, ask about leads or ideas or just chat about life in general.

To find a chat room for writers, you could try a search online on the topic, or visit your favorite writing Web sites and ask in the forums for suggestions. You can also find out about writer's conferences and find some local writer's groups through these chats. This is only some of the benefits of finding a writer's chat room online.



12/5/2006 2:03:54 PM
Makenzie said:

Hey this is makenzie charlton here this site was not very useful but it inspired me i am 13 years old and have at least 400 kids books that arent read u guys einspired me to sell them now i did nt think i could have the strength


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