Sexuality Chat Rooms

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How do you find a sexuality chat room to discuss issues and not an adult sex chat room?

Sexuality Chat Rooms

There are many chat rooms that talk about sexuality. Depending on what you are looking for, you may find more adult chat than just the discussion of sex.

Because there are a variety of chat rooms, it may be difficult to know if you have found the sort of chat room you are looking for. Before you begin chatting, you may want to ‘lurk' or observe the sexuality chat rooms. You may find out if you are comfortable with it before you begin to chat. Don't be afraid to say anything though if you do have questions. Many people, even in sexuality chat rooms, are open about answering questions.



11/26/2006 7:38:35 PM
fatherthyme said:

was pleased to find out i can ask questions to make sure i want to acess the rooms.


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