Other games and chat

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Other games and chat

Some companies, offer chat rooms and provide games that can be played while chatting. Other companies offer games, and provide chat within the games. When the service focuses on games and has chat as a feature, the conversation leans toward game specific chatter. Often, there isn't much in the line of general conversation, but there is plenty of game banter. Whose turn is it? Can you wait 5 minutes for the next hand? Hey, I'm seeing Martians on my screen – are you too? For folks who aren't really very interesting in general chat, and don't want to be in any kind of chat room, this is very convenient. They're there to play a game, not necessarily to make friends or talk about their day. Regardless, general chat guidelines apply, as do the rules of chat netiquette. Lots of games have acronyms and shortcuts that are specific to the game, so be sure to pay attention for a little while before you bust out your emoticon collection :)



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