Chat Lines/HTML

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What are chat lines?

Chat Lines/HTML

There's alot to learn about chat room software. Chat Lines is one of those terms that is being used more and more, but no one has really decided what it means. Some companies advertise chat lines, and it turns out they're dating services that use phone lines to let you chat with potential partners. For the purposes of discussing online chat software, chat lines refer to HTML chat. This is a kind of chat that has a very low barrier to entry, in other words, if you can get online, you'll be able to use it, even if you have a very old computer, a very old operating system, and a very old browser. Chat lines are pure html. You type into a browser, hit enter and your words appear. You have to hit the refresh button in your browser to see the most recent activity. It's a little bit like message boards or forums this way, however the text is not persistent. New text flows onto your screen, and old text flows off.



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