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How to recognize and protect yourself from cybercrime?


Cybercrime comes in many forms. The most common examples experienced by chatters are threats of computer hacking and stealing or hijacking account information. Many threats are just that - threats. Some chatters may attempt to scare you by showing they have an IP number for your computer. Every computer has an IP address. Every time you visit a web page or send an email you send out your IP address. Knowing this number does not enable someone to hack into your computer. People need special skills and tools to actually hack. Make sure you're running firewall software so your computer is not vulnerable to hacking attempts. You should be able to keep your accounts safe by choosing passwords that only you could know and *never* giving them out to anyone. Reports of cybercrime can be reported at. While threats are taken very seriously, you're not likely to get any immediate relief this way - your best bet, as always, is to protect yourself ahead of time.



9/12/2007 8:34:53 PM
Jessica said:

i have a friend that like me alot and i did a big mistake. how can get trust back inside him and listen what he's telling me


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